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Video Intelligence

Technology that can search inside videos.

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Testimonials and recognition

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Object detection

Detect people, animals, cars, and more on videos and livestreams.

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Search for spoken phrases

Search for spoken phrases without the need for video description or subtitles.

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Test our tech with your own images and videos on this playground.

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Intelli Camera

Detects people, animals, and vehicles in realtime and notifies the owner.

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Key features

Find spoken phrases inside videos

Our proprietary technology converts the video into a text corpus. By using NLP models we can answer questions like "When did this phrase appear?" or "When was this taught?".

Find objects inside videos

Not just text, our technology can also search for real world objects like 'People', 'Vehicles', or even 'Animals' inside a video. Simply ask "Did a balck cat appeared in the video?" and you will get your answer in no time.

Find actions inside videos

We are working on to answer some of the toughest questions in computer vision; "When did the person wearing red T-shirt throw the ball?". By carefully mapping the relationships of objects inside the video we will be able to answer these question.

Get emotional analytics for videos

Get answers to your critical questions like "Does this video convey a positive message?" or "Will this video make our users happy?". By using complex computer vision models we can predict this within seconds.


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  • Searching spoken phrases
  • Searching objects
  • Determining actions
  • Emotional analytics

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