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Important Highlights

See what your classmates have marked important. Next time you won't have to call your friends and ask 'dude what's important?'.
It's a handy feature one day before exam. ;)

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Smart Notebooks

Highlight and your notebooks are created automatically. It's super simple! No need to write down while looking at your screen. You can even take prints of your notebooks if you like.

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All course books. All editions.

We understand that your course demands books of specific edition, and we have got that covered for you! Find every edition of your course book here. That's our promise.

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Unlimited Reading

There is No Limit to what you read. Read anything from Java to Mechanics of Material. You have the freedom to choose.

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Sharing- Goodbye Photocopies

No need to stand in lines at your photocopy shop. Just ask your friend to share their notebook with you. All for Free.

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Access on any device

All your books and notebooks are on the cloud. Don't worry if you forget your laptop, you can access your study material from your smartphone.
Best of all, you don't even need a backpack!

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